Resonator Guitars: Best On The Market

Resonator guitars were designed under the idea of the amplifying system for ukuleles developed by John Dopyera. He patented his design for the “self-amplifying” guitars on December 31, 1929. Instead of the wood sound board, the sounds from these guitars are made by resonators, or metal cones on the face of the guitar.
Resonator guitars are well known for being louder than the original acoustic guitar, which is the reason for their popularity. These guitars were perfect for musicians because with the resonators producing louder sounds, the music from the guitar were not drowned out by other orchestra instruments. Even today, with the electric amplifiers, resonator guitars hold a favorable place for musicians.
There are 3 different types of design for the resonator guitars: tricone, single inverted cone, and single cone. The tr-cone was the original design showing 3 metal resonators. The single inverted cone follows the design of the Dobro, which is the orignal design of the Dopyera brothers and the Dobro Manufacturing company. The single cone follows the design of a “biscuit” of National instruments. The 2 styles of these guitars are: round necked and square necked. Round neck resonator guitars are meant to play in a classic guitar or lap steel fashion. The square neck guitar are more fitting for the steel guitar playing fashion.