A Resonating Look At The History Of The Steel Guitar

There are numerous facts about the history of the steel guitar. There are also several classifications of steel guitars including: pedal steel, lap steel, and Hawaiian steel. All are fascinating musical instruments that can capture the attention of a multitude of people and bring together the most diverse crowds.
Pedal Steel
The pedal steel is a type of electric guitar. This particular guitar uses a metal bar to shorten the length of the string, whereas conventional guitars require the use of the fingers to accomplish this task. It is unique because it uses pedals to affect the guitars pitch. The famous Jerry Byrd was the most recent guitarist inducted into the Steel Hall of Fame in 1978.
Lap Steel
The lap steel guitar is a type of steel guitar. The player of the instrument can change the guitar’s pitch by putting pressure on a metal bar against the strings. Guitarist Steve Howe introduced the lap-steel guitar into progressive rock music.
Hawaiian Steel Guitar
The Hawaiian guitar music is generally given credit to the Spanish and Mexican cowboys. The exact origins of this guitar may never be known. The Hawaiian steel guitar is said to be the starting foundation for the development of the other steel guitars.